Replica Saint Laurent Classic Monogram quilted leather shoulder bag Black

The Replica Saint Laurent Bags Monogram series was created around the artist Pierre Cassandre’s logo in 1961, which was designed by Yves Saint Laurent. The Monogram series has so far come out with more than 100 bags of different designs or materials. The classic level of this series.

Replica Saint Laurent Handbags Classic Monogram quilted leather shoulder bag Black has a high occurrence rate in both street shooting and life. The YSL logo on the bag is also very classic. The Golden Logo is the most classic and most revealing style. There is also this leopard print, suitable for the personality of the sister. Black gold is a classic classic, and Joker can help you successfully create a sense of style.

Replica Saint Laurent Handbags

Replica Saint Laurent Handbags Monogram series, this series contains a number of replica bags totes, is based on the artist Pierre Cassandre in 1961 inviting Yves Saint Laurent to design the brand logo and the creation of the Monogram series contains two major design elements. The first element is a lot of bags used in the mercerized V pattern leather, designed inspiration from the Yves Saint Laurent 1974 advanced custom series in a handbag design. It is said that this quilted leather was inspired by the parquet floor in the Yves Saint Laurent Custom Salon. The second element is a gold plated (or silver plated) nickel alloy Monogram letter set.

Whether it is a single shoulder or a diagonal, it is very beautiful. There will always be a little cool feeling from time to time. The focus is on whether it’s a combination of solid colors or color.

Replica Saint Laurent Handbags

SL is the most classic replica bags tote type than the tassel chain bag, the upper body is really golden ratio of fried sky, elegant and feminine, I really love ysl home replica bags tote, tassel replica bags tote I have studied thoroughly, Figure These are the few I personally think that the various factors considered together are optimal.

Before ysl had a classic style of glossy skin and suede, really speaking for me this kind of rough female man is not very suitable, the maintenance of suede is not good, smooth skin is too easy to scratch, and finally let me Wait until imitation crocodile embossed it.

Replica Saint Laurent Handbags

This bag feels very good, a little hard texture, very real crocodile skin is almost no difference, not the connoisseur can not tell is not true crocodile skin, so the upper body is quite extravagant!

Secondly, this replica bags tote has five colors at a time, which greatly satisfies the needs. I personally like silver metal ornaments. Before the classic models, there were no silver ornaments. Bags are shiny, with coats, windbreakers, sweaters, etc. It’s simply not too beautiful.

Replica Saint Laurent Handbags

Let’s talk about the shortcomings, this replica bags tote design is mostly on the shoulders, so the more rounded girls would be short if they wanted to slant. Others are perfect!

Determined after the replica bags tote began to tangled color, five colors, each color is good, but individuals do not love gold sometimes feel more too much so it passes the black gold, red bags have not considered the individual, and finally It fell on cherry blossom powder and gray.