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Replica Versace Virtus Bag White

The Versace Virtus series of bags is presented in caramel brown & tea brown tones, the solid color bag is simple and elegant, and the new Bowling Virtus bowling bag is the main practical style. This Replica Versace Bag is named Virtus, inspired by the Roman goddess Virtus, and its shape is also a classic, said Donatella Versace, chief creative officer.

This bag, Versace Virtus, conveys the values ​​of the Versace woman: bold courage, self-confidence, an open mind and a spirit of accepting new things. Virtus made its debut at the Replica Versace Bag autumn and winter series presentation site. The big carved V character is full of gorgeous presence. The eyeballs don’t know whether to look at clothes or bags.

Replica Versace Bag

GiGi, Irina, Stella Maxwell, supermodels and internet celebrities are also popular in seconds. Virtus bags range from large handbags, feminine and simple medium-sized shoulder bags to the most compact chain bags. The appearance is versatile and highly recognizable. No wonder A-line supermodel internet celebrities rushed to take her to the streets.

Gorgeous Baroque V, Replica Versace Handbags focuses on the entire bag in one second. The most eye-catching thing is the flamboyant and magnificent Gorgeous Baroque V, which is both retro and elegant and full of bold and avant-garde imagery. When you put her on your back, the whole body shape will immediately focus. . The body of the bag is made of soft calfskin, which is warm to the touch and looks good.

Replica Versace Bag

The bright colors are super eye-catching, and the stitching series is the most creative. In addition to the classic black, white and camel, there are also avant-garde and bold colors such as blue-green, purple-pink, etc. There are also luxurious models with glittering woven fabrics + embroidered V-shaped totems with metal threads. Replica Virtus Handbags leather is quilted in a V-shape and is completely top leather craftsmanship! The bag is a flip-type magnet buckle, which is convenient for taking things and meets the needs of modern women.

Replica Versace Bag

Versace Virtus black and white camel classic style, classic elegance and exquisite temperament, it is the first choice for office workers! The pockets are the worst this season. It is a necessary accessory for trendy coffee when you wear it. Although the fanny pack is small, it also shows the high-end leather craftsmanship aesthetics of Replica Versace Handbags. It can be used with a metal chain belt or decorated with a leather belt around the waist, which is both trendy and delicate.

The black one is so adorable! Virtus from the Black Series is the first choice for the E series! A little glossy leather with retro metal accessories, this is the undefeated heirloom.

Replica Versace Bag

High-level craftsmanship, each Replica Versace Bags Virtus is handcrafted by the workshop, high-quality craftsmanship design, injects collector-level value into the bag, and buys it with more peace of mind.