Replica Valentino Rockstud Small Vitello Crossbody Bag Deep Coral

Very strange, from Replica valentino handbags released after the entire field rockstud on their spring conference, which inserts a pyramid shape rivet bags and shoes, it engulfed the entire fashion circles, film and television. I’m trying to remember the next spring and summer fashion trends, in addition to various stoned “fairy potential”, as well as with a retro flavor of printing, and elegant white & fawn, which really can not think of a brand like “light rock” release. This may also become VALENTINO bags can really create a unique identification of the main reasons. Like the LOEWE puzzle jigsaw puzzle inspired by sweeping the globe like to go along with the trend, not necessarily a way out.

Maria Grazia Chiuri and Pier Paolo Piccioli are two designers create rockstud. Valentino Rockstud Small Vitello Crossbody Bag Deep Coral since rockstud available, I do not remember it before the package looks like, it is estimated now difficult to find it, unless to vintage stores, and once familiar vintage years of doing business friends put Replica valentino bag out of a second-hand, I would like to ask: What the heck? Then instantly, from 2011, this section of the package becomes everywhere, as long as a corner children, you certainly have, by 2016, VALENTINO still bored to do all kinds of tricks on rockstud, over and over again to change color to it, for points pattern friends, handle another matter, of course, last year also launched MY ROCKSTUD, there are a lot of stars in use, but still can not shake the status ROCKSTUD. After, there are many brands (not to say cottage) in the bag with rivets fuss, but no one can be like rockstud did become it bag, a brand identity.

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The 2016 spring and summer clothing show, bold and bright color and rich ethnic style of printing, filled with charming ethnic customs and exotic flavor. Show details, including side has a V-logo nameplate, but the backing is not small. Its debut, “dedicated” to the 1968 textile bags, this is the first time the brand V-shaped elements as a symbol. After a few decades, designers again to the V-shaped element of inspiration, taking into account the psychological needs of different customers to design a removable V-logo nameplate.

Although popular now no exposed Logo, but the new series of V-logo nameplate exquisite workmanship, coupled with retro silhouette simple tote, advanced atmosphere. Detachable leather shoulder strap, adjustable handles, so that women have the same multiple choice. And the surface of the fascia My Rockstud, you can also stamping their names, enjoy a big “Personal Tailor.” Tapered rivet too will become blatantly, it is dotted in the package side, at lock, but seemed fine. Adequate capacity and a reasonable partitioning the inner bag, silently passing out “I’m not skin deep” design approach. Bag with shoes, similar to the color of the bags and shoes together, the eyeball like eating ice cream like that. Low saturation lemon and mint green, even if used in the workplace, does not seem too much eye at first glance, actually a kind of “soft knife” beauty.

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Creamy texture of lotus root starch and honey-orange color, have to tender heart melted away. Attended slightly more formal occasions, consistent color shoes and bags, this is the most error-prone color scheme, think about the Queen of England, people are so for decades to come through it! World of black and white mosaic, belongs to another world women. With the same color ankle boots, soaked from head to toe with the MILF gas field. Although the external structure are all straight lines, but the rushing of ethnic style embroidery models, some bright spots in the 2015 autumn and winter series; 2016 spring series of denim butterfly embroidery section, also reveals a clever playful spring and summer atmosphere, titillate dolphin ignorant moving heart.

replica valentino handbags

2016 early spring series My Rockstud Mini models, it is entirely a tender girl’s appearance, matched with low profile bright and lively colors, the mood as girlish spring sunshine. Autumn and winter series introduced black and white zebra stripes paragraph, as if to make gentle woman who had armor; gold braid pattern section of My rockstud, visual reproduction of the classic V-shaped element, every lines, suture contains all the retro feelings. Black and white solid color models most appealing to a woman’s place is that it’s simple and easy to mix, not prone to error.