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Hermes Halzan Elephant Grey Multifunction Tote Bag

A bag that looks ordinary, but will definitely be able to come later in the future – Mini Halzan series Hermes handbags. The Halzan bag is a new style that Hermes made a few years ago, with the word “practical”. But because it is too practical, the subtext is actually – honest. Therefore, Halzan’s old-fashioned bag has not been pushed out. After all, the aunts who love to buy Replica Hermes Handbags are using crocodile skin Birkin. But the first two years Hermes probably also found the charm of the Mini Bag – no matter what style, it seems that as long as the Mini model, it suddenly became popular. So last year, Halzan also had a Mini model. The result is that, after getting smaller, this honest bag really becomes cute!

Replica Hermes Bags Halzan Elephant Grey Multifunction Tote’s versatile usage I will not say much, you can find it on the Internet. The Mini model and the original model should have no other differences besides the difference in size, so the usage is exactly the same. However, due to the change in size, the Mini model becomes a single shoulder/slant cross, handcuffs/handcuffs, and clutches. Although the subdivision can be turned into five kinds.

Replica Hermes Handbags

And the side pockets of this bag are really a lot, I won’t count with you, but you can see how many side pockets this bag has in the picture. I am a rose powder, the color of the powder makes the bag look even more lovely. In addition, this bag of chicken yellow is also very popular, because it is also tender and tender color.

The back is also two pockets. The cortex should be Swift’s, relatively tender skin, paying a little attention when using it. On the side, it can be seen that this bag has a certain thickness. There is a large side pocket inside the bag, and the money card is absolutely no problem. The space in the main pocket is also large enough to meet the needs of general things.

Replica Hermes Handbags

The shoulder strap of this bag is fixed like a belt buckle. It is a bit uncomfortable when you are safe. People who don’t know how to get it can let Sales help you. The shoulder strap seems to have two lengths to adjust, and because it is a belt buckle, you want to punch holes and shorten it, it is also possible.

IPhone Plus is absolutely no problem in the internal space, but because the shoulder strap is blocked, the mobile phone will be blocked when it is placed horizontally. It needs to be slanted into the bag. This is the only place I feel inconvenient after using it. Everything else is OK, this bag is simply a change of King of the Millennium – practical to be unable to say. You can lean back and shoulders, sometimes you can also handcuffs, this bag, how do you love how to take it. Because the cortex is very light, there is basically no weight, but the internal space is very adequate.

Replica Hermes Handbags

Mini Halzan styles are more versatile, trousers and skirts can be matched, and people of all ages can also use. The price of Mini Halzan is also relatively conscience. The domestic purchase of more than 30,000, foreign countries should be able to buy more than 2w price. In Replica Hermes Handbags, it’s really a price for getting started, which is just a little more expensive than a long wallet.

Replica Hermes Handbags

At present, this bag has not been a big fire, but I can feel that people who like Replica Hermes Bags are basically buying and buying, and there are not many goods in this bag, so it is necessary to ask Sales and other goods. But when the goods come, if you don’t pick the color, you can basically buy them immediately, without having to grab the order.